May 7, 2005

  • ok well lets far i have had the worst weekend ever..friday ang broke up wit me
    witch sucked rly bad bc i love her n still do..but moven on today
    wuzint so bad hung out wit ang pete horner amanda n jay witch wuz kool
    but now i got alot of work to do so im out peace

    i love you </3

May 6, 2005

  • sup every1 well i had court to day n it went good the D.A. is ganna
    suggest a concent deecree to the judge which means i get 6 months
    probation then after that all this shit gets taken off my recored
    n thats rly good lol so then today i may be hangin out wit my lover ang
    n amanda but im not sure yet we’ll see how things go well thats all for
    now peace out niggas

    i love you so much ang

  • well its like 1225 jus about n im talkin to my baby were ganna hopfully hang out today i miss her so much maybe we will go to th emovies n see house of wax lol well ill edite after court peace

    i love Ang Freeman shes my everything n all ill ever want

May 5, 2005

  • well lets see today i didint do to much but i saw kate ventre who i
    havint seen since jan 10th the day of then i got
    some food came home got yelled at by my mom the usuall had home skool
    around 330 till like 5 wit miss K yeah we had sex on my kitchen table
    lol jus playin but i did have sex with ang and i also have court t/m which should b very fun..well thats bout all for now peace out niggas

    I Love Andrea Freeman

May 4, 2005

  • yo i jus made this shit so i dont rly kno wut 2 write..well i woke up
    around 230 then talked 2 ang bc shes a bad grl n didint go to skool but
    thats aiight i still love her..but yeah then i decided 2 make one of these gay things jus bc im that bored so yeah leave some comments or wutever peace

    i love my girlfriend so much